Time to massage my ego… But really, here’s what some very kind people have to say about me:

‘Hey Greg…. Thanks so much for tonight! So good to work with people that know what they are doing! Great room, great PA and a great FOH engineer!’
Nick,  from the band [26]
26 Website

‘When you have Greg doing your live sound you know you will get the best live mix the equipment and room can provide. Professional, very very able and easy to work with every-time. Highly recommended and rated by the Starry Skies.’
Warren,  from the band Warren McIntyre & the Starry Skies
Mecca Holding Co. Website

‘Hi Greg,
Just wanted to say thanks a lot for everything you did last night. It sounded great to us and we heard no complaints from the audience either! The whole thing ran really smoothly and was a huge success and it’s in big part down to you so thank you.’
Sas,  from the band Kaiho
Kaiho Facebook